How to Find Your Voice: A One-Question Interview with Teri Litorco

I had the privilege of speaking with Teri Litorco at the 2016 Cool Mini or Not Game Expo. She is one of the most recognizable personalities in the gaming world, and also very prominent in geek culture in general. Among many other things, she is a vlogger and blogger over on Geek and Sundry. I asked her for the one piece of advice she has for creative individuals who are trying to get started. Let’s listen to what she has to say:

[Video Runtime: 1 minute 55 seconds]


Teri’s advice on finding your voice comes to us in three key points:

  1. Figure out what you want to say.
  2. Figure out who you want to say it to.
  3. Figure out how you want to say it.

I think discovering how best to deliver your message is a critical bit of advice. Your audience may only be willing to listen if the message is presented in a certain way. Is this through a YouTube channel? A blog? A podcast? A book? It can be difficult when the way your audience wants to receive your message is not the way you prefer to send it. For instance, you may love long-form podcasting, but your audience may want short YouTube videos. Then you have to make a decision. Are you more interested in the message or the communication method? Make the decision, and then revise and retarget.

If you would like to connect with Teri, just search for “That Teri Girl” on any search engine and you will find her many social media profiles, media appearances, and projects. Here are the direct links to her YouTube channel and Twitter account. Her book, The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming: Rules Every Gamer Must Live By, and can be purchased on Amazon.

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