Starting Right

It has never been easier to create than it is today, but not all projects we could undertake will serve as a solid foundation for sustainable creative success. The wrong project, even if successfully executed, can have a detrimental effect on future projects and your ability to sustain yourself as a creative. Fortunately, we can determine which ideas are most likely to provide a solid foundation for success by asking ourselves seven simple questions. This book teaches you how to evaluate your ideas and identify the best one that will propel you along a sustainable journey as a creative.


“There is no wrong project for a creative to undertake, especially if we are creating for the sake of creation itself and to follow our own passions. If there is something you want to create, sit down and create it. It has never been easier. Sometimes we create only for the sake of creating and to follow our own passions. There are, however, better and worse projects to undertake if you want to maximize the probability that they will be completed and that you will ultimately be able to sustain yourself through your creative efforts. The purpose of this book has been to help you identify which of your ideas are better for starting a sustainable creative journey.” – p. 30

“Over the last year and a half, I’ve come to believe that creatives can be classified into three major groups that I call the “levels” of creatives. If you want to ultimately make a living as a creative, then the goal is to go from the lowest level, Level 1, to the highest level, Level 3, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Let’s look at all three levels.” – p. 5

Once you have committed to taking an idea all the way from a scribble in a notebook to a finished product, you are starting the journey to Level 2. Moving from Level 1 to Level 2 is a huge step. It means heading off into the unknown and risking failure. It means making new connections, learning new skills, and doing things you have never done before. Those who complete this journey successfully advance to Level 2. – p. 6

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